We, members of the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO), ask all sectors involved in the investigation of Dengvaxia, to pause and think of the consequences of their actions on the Public Health system. We urge everyone to remember that at the center of this crisis are the families and most specially the children. Instead of a rational and careful fact-finding process, the investigation has become highly politicized and self-serving, and these actions have seriously affected the Department of Health’s vaccination program. It has taken about 10 years for the barangay health workers, municipal, city and provincial health officers to convince parents to TRUST vaccines. What is now our recourse to prevent infectious diseases from spreading and affecting the lives of MILLIONS of children?

We, in PAPO, support the manifesto of the doctors who seek the TRUTH. Remove the investigation from the hands of people with a political agenda and let people with unbiased and technical knowledge take the lead.

We, in PAPO, will do our part to support the Department of Health, in their hard work to REBUILD THE TRUST of families in the vaccination program. Moving forward, we urge government to include patient groups in the development and implementation of public health programs because ENGAGING PATIENTS in meaningful ways can contribute to reducing costs and improving health outcomes.

Dialysis PH Support Group Inc.
Hemophilia Philippines (HAPLOS Community) Foundation Inc.
I Can Serve Foundation Inc.
New Vois Association of the Philippines Inc.
Project Red Ribbon Care Management Foundation Inc.
Philippines for Livestrong Foundation
Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders
Rainbow Camp Foundation Philippines
Scleroderma Society of the Philippines Inc.
Scoliosis Philippines Inc.
SLMC- Arthritis Club
Touched by Max Inc.
Yellow Warriors Society of the Philippines

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